Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Unbelievable Reality: Nigeria's Oldest Pastor Dies

One of the nation’s most intriguing pastors, Pastor Samuel Sadela is dead.
He passed on this Sunday and a condolence register is on at his Gospel Apostolic Church in Lagos on Tuesday evening.

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Sadela is said to be 108 years old and he started his career as a man of God for 76 years.

He first got married in 1934 but the marriage lasted only 21 years, he had seven kids but none of them lived beyond their infancy.

He then got married again in 1965 and had four kids but only two survived, his second wife passed on in 2001.

And then the controversy started when he married a who was 77 years his junior.

He talked about this issue last year and said: “The Lord is my strength. I am very strong and energetic”. revealing that the woman’s youthfulness gave him strength.
The marriage with Christiana Sadela is “a fulfillment of the scripture and worthy of thanksgiving and appreciation to God”, his church said in a statement. “Nothing is impossible for God,”.

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