Monday, 18 August 2014

Ebola Suspects Flee From Health Center

Despite earlier denying reports that 17  suspected Ebola patients are now on the loose, Liberia state Government have admitted it really happened.

The Government was trying to assure the citizens that they are in control and also stop the people from panicking.
Liberia’s information Minister, Lewis Brown told international reporters that 17 quarantined individuals have gone back into their communities.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization has demanded for special screening for any [potential traveller from the affected countries.

WHO requested that screening centers be set up at  airports, sea ports and major land crossings.

Liberia has lost more than 400 souls to the deadly Ebola viru wince January this year, a drastic 37% of the 1,145 deaths recorded in West Africa by the World Health Organization this year.

With not much improvement in the situation of the Ebola virus, Liberians have started protesting saying that the virus is a hoax and want to  force the quarantine centre to close.

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