Monday, 18 August 2014

Corp Members Abandon Sick Colleague In Ekiti because of Ebola

However, Nigeria, which has confirmed cases of Ebola virus, is the fourth largest suppliers of international students to UK universities while the other three countries with recorded Ebola cases comprising Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone doesn’t have any students enrolled at UK universities.

A spokesman for Universities UK revealed that in 2012-13, the latest year for which figures are available, a total of 9,630 were enrolled.

“The issue is very much on universities’ radars. We circulated to universities the publicly available guidance on the topic” the spokesman said.

The spokesman explained that the guidance spelt out that anyone suspected of having Ebola should immediately be isolated in a side room away from any staff or student contact.

“The side room should have dedicated en-suite facilities or at least a dedicated commode. The level of staff protection is dependent on the patient’s condition” the spokesman said.

It said those who will have contact or any other dealings with the patient must take careful hand hygiene precautions, wearing double gloves and a disposable visor.

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