Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nigerian Killed By Police In Mozambique "For No Reason"

Nnamdi is a Mozambique-based businessman and indigene of Imo State. He says his fellow Nigerian businessman was, on Friday, August 22, 2014, shot to death by Mozambican policemen “without any reason.” The deceased, according to Nnamdi, is an Igbo indigene of Enugu State.

According to our reader, Nigerians are mistreated by the police in Mozambique, especially in the country’s capital Maputo where the tragic shooting occurred. He describes Mozambicans as “lazy and envious,” adding they “hate Nigerians”.

Our reader calls on the Nigerian government to step in and bring to a stop the mistreatment, humiliation and abuse Nigerian citizens have to suffer from the hands of Mozambicans.

“Non-Nigerian foreigners settle down in Mozambique happily. But the police in Maputo, Mozambique, are intimidating us,” 

“When they see a Nigerian, they search him and confiscate whatever is in their bag.

“What concerns me, I was robbed twice by the police here. They collected all the money I had on me.

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