Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ebola Survivor Dennis Akagha Reveals His Secret.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) keeps changing the fates of thousands of people on the African continent and in Nigeria. A total of six tragic and untimely deaths happened in Lagos and Port Harcourt. However, some of the infected persons were able to survive.

In a touching and inspirational interview with Saturday Vanguard Dennis Akagha, a husband-to-be of late Lagos nurse, Miss Obi Justina Ejelonu, speaks about his survival and how he misses his fiancée. The couple was planning their traditional marriage for October.
The man has recently secured a job at an oil and gas company. So did late Justina, who was a graduate nurse and got a job at First Consultant Hospital in Lagos. Justina was showing symptoms of pregnancy and the couple expected bright future. But then the index case, US-Liberian Patrick Sawyer, was admitted to the hospital and Justina was in the team that attended him.

The future of the couple has been ruined. Justina passed away, while Akagha miraculously survived.

Recounting his ordeal the man mentioned that his sweetheart would have survived with better care. He also noted that co-workers, neighbours and other people abandoned and stigmatised family members of Justina and him upon realizing what was happening with Justina and later with himself.

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