Monday, 18 August 2014

61 Suspected Ebola Patients Have Been Freed - Fashola.

Lagos State Governor, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has revealed to the nation the state of some of the patients with Ebola who are Quarantined.

The governor was talking to news men and he alerted Nigerians that soon, A batch of survivors who where under watch for possibly getting infected will be released.

He said: “There is silver lining in all of this, as report reaching me shows that many of the critical patients are responding positively to treatment and are likely to be discharged next week, (this week).

“At the moment, 61 people have been certified negative and they have been freed.

“Aside the treatment for those who have full grown cases, the more important work is tracking all those who have had contact with them in order to know how far the virus has spread. It is when we have finally reach everyone that we can say that we have control over the virus. From that place we can go back to sleep.”

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Health Minister  Onyebuchi Chukwu has come out and assured  friends and families of the Ebola afflicted victim that their isolated loved ones are in good hands following the recent complaints about the welfare of the affected patients.
Chukwu said :  “As you know, we have a serious situation and anyone that has a relative is bound to be anxious, and when relatives complain, we must listen.”

“I’m a doctor myself and I’m behaving now more as a doctor than as a Minister. Normally, when relatives of patients complain, I want to see them, working together, sometimes they do not have the full information, and who knows, sometimes they themselves can add valued to what we are doing.”

“We knew the former place was only temporary and we knew we could do better and that was why the Lagos State government made every effort to get the new isolation unit ready. Penultimate Friday, I visited the Lagos State Governor and he personally assured me the new facility will be ready this week. He kept to his word. Of course as soon as it was ready it was made available and the patients have been moved to the new facility, which is better than where they were before.”

“I had to personally discuss with the Chief Medical Director of LUTH, Prof Akin Oshibogun, when I was told they were not satisfied with facilities for critical care. That is why we have reinforced what is available. New equipment has been put in to reassure the patients that we would do everything humanly possible to keep them alive and to return them to their families and work,” the Minister explained.

In a recent survey the World Health Organization has said that the recent ebola outbreak has claimed the lives of 1,145 globally and is now the worst ever outbreak.
WHO confirmed that in the last two day, 152 new cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever were reported in the two day period in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, bringing the total number of infected to 2,127.

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