Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Important information Lagos State Ministry of Health wants you To know about EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE

Relating to EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE: Below are beneficiary Information Lagos State Ministry of Health Wants You To Know about
Despite checking the deadly virus, local and international authorities are still battling with other measures on how to educate people both on the symptoms of Ebola and on the progress of the disease from the soap bucket challenge (a re-purposed version of the ice bucket challenge, symptoms and how the virus can spread or be halted.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization recently shared a video of three survivors who revealed that, they were issued certificates by their doctors to prove they are no longer contagious because of the stigma they were undergoing in their various communities.

One the survivor said: “When I got sick, my family doubted my recovery. Thank God for the doctors. They gave me a certificate that indicates I am free of Ebola in case anyone would still doubt.”

Also on Ebola: Sierra Leone Orders State Of Emergency

However, West Africa is still looking for lasting solution to completely end the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has reportedly infected at least 2,615 people, with 1,427 reportedly dead.

The American doctors who contracted the deadly virus were described as heroes back home while several African survivors are faced with stigma and disdain in their own communities.

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