Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Terrible: Kaduna Suspected Ebola Case Negative.

The first Ebola suspect in Kaduna State has allegedly tested negative to the deadly tropical virus.

September 2 a 19-year-old student of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) was admitted to hospital with EVD symptoms. However ABUTH Public Relations Officer Bilyaminu Umar said that the health workers were “still studying the development. He has already been quarantine. And all safety measures are in place. “

Commenting on the situation, Kaduna State Health Commissioner Thot Dogo said Tuesday that they were expecting lab results Wednesday afternoon.

FG Requests 2 Trial Ebola Drugs From Japan

According to the information already obtained by Premium Times (PT), the student is Ebola-free, which means there is currently no registered case of infection with the virus in Kaduna.

The source from the authoritative group of volunteer professionals working on Ebola interventions in the country was quoted saying:

“Yes, it is true that the result is negative. Whatever information Ebola Alert puts out is authentic.”
The official announcement of the lab test are yet to be made today.

Meanwhile Ebola fears keep causing panic among residents of yet unaffected states of the country. Yesterday Bayelsa was thrown into chaos as rumours started circulating that the deadly tropical disease reached the state, with 3 patients quarantined in Yenagoa.

Hit by the shocking news, the health workers of the the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yenagoa, refused to attend to the accident victim for 2 days. As a result the woman dies because of negligence. The witness narrated how it happened:

“Nobody had the courage to help the victim especially as we did not have any idea of the case history. We do not have the necessary protective kits to handle this type of case and nobody wants to take unnecessary risk.”

The virus has claimed more than 1,500 lives in West Africa. In a joint effort to find the solution scientists worldwide work on development of Ebola vaccines. The promising results currently expected from two experimental drugs, one of which is to be  tested on healthy humans already this week.

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