Saturday, 13 September 2014

I See No Reason Why Schools Should Remain Closed – Health Minister.

Health Minister, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu had yesterday revealed that there really is no reason school should remain closed after september.
He was talking in a media briefing in Lagos and said: “It is for the commissioners of education to advise the principals, at least for public schools, as well as private schools on when they can reopen. “The ministry of health is like what the weather people are to the nation.

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“They will tell you that the weather will be sunny, stormy or there will be heavy downpour, but they can never directly, for example, stop any plane from flying.

“It is for the aviation people to take the advice and combine with other factors to decide whether flights will take off or not.

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He went on to reassure parent and the society that soon their loved one could go back to school and start their studies.

He said: “So, I want to make it clear that from the technical point of view, there is absolutely no reason why any school, except if they have other problems that are not medical, cannot reopen”.

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“So, when the minister of education, working with the commissioners of education, said they have revised the opening of schools from 13th Oct to 22nd of Sept., we have nothing against that.
“ If we did, we would have objected or let them know,’’ he said.

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Chukwu also stated that students resuming would be taught about EVD and how to avoid gettin ill.

He said: “It will even give us opportunity to teach the children what EVD is all about.
“ It is going to offer us opportunity to reinforce what we are already teaching their teachers because the teachers are going through programmes on how they should handle children who are sick.
“You notice that Nigeria has not closed any market, church, mosque and children follow their parents to these places.

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“So it doesn’t simply make any sense yet to continue shutting down the schools,’’ he said.

Chukwu said that people should not relax as EVD was being contained.
“Luckily, we are still winning. Schools have to reopen. But that doesn’t mean we should go to sleep.
“We know now that there is no place in Nigeria now that we are treating anyone for EVD, but we have not started celebrating yet for the simple reason that we have not yet won the war.
“We do not want surprises.
“No one for now has active EVD in Nigeria, but that is not to say that will be surprised if we have one tomorrow,’’ Chukwu said.

Health minister, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu has been praised for his ministry’s hard work and effective control and contain of the deadly Ebola virus in the nation by several critics.

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