Monday, 15 September 2014

Nigeria Awaits Delivery Of Mi-Helicopters From Russia.

The new contract for delivery of several state-of-the-art Mi-35 and Mi-171Sh helicopters has been recently signed between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Russian Federation.

This has been confirmed by the Deputy Director General of Rosoboron export, Sergei Goreslavsky, in a statement obtained by

The contract was signed in August this year. Unfortunately, the official did not confirm the exact number of helicopters subject to delivery. According to previous statements by Nigeria’s DHQ, the most likely quantity is 6 or 7.
He emphasized that the models are in demand on the African continent, noted that Mozambique is also among the customers. Mr Goreslavsky revealed that Mi-171Sh flying machines are in demand on global markets. They can be delivered in various configurations, with air defense, reconnaissance equipment and missile weaponry.

The helicopter can carry a cargo of 4 tons maximum, or transport up to 36 paratroopers, or carry 12 injured on stretchers.

The offered models are on service in the Russian Armed Forces since 2009.

At the same time, several experts have expressed concerns over ability of the Russian side to carry out timely delivery due to crisis in Ukraine and US/EU sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Absolute majority of engines for Russian-made helicopters were supplied from Ukraine. Due to current crisis in the relations between the two countries, such cooperation is no more possible.

The order to procure extra helicopters was given by President Jonathan himself.

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