Saturday, 6 September 2014

I Will Rule Oyo With The Fear Of God - Alao Akala.

Former Governor of Oyo State, Alao Akala who has made his intentions to run for Governor known has said he will rule the people of Oyo with the fear of God if re-elected.

He made his intentions known yesterday, September 4 while speaking at a  rally in Ibadan, the former governor listed the achievements of his administration when he was Governor of Oyo state.

Read his speech below:

I have received hundreds of telephone calls, thousands of text messages and personal visitations from all and sundry asking me to come out once again to contest for the post of the Governor of our dear Oyo State.

I must say that these past three years, I have had time to reflect on our performances as I believe many of you have. Did we satisfy the yearnings of the masses? As a government, did we provide the much needed succour for the people? Were the masses impressed by our people-oriented policies and programmes? it is indeed gratifying to note with a deep sense of modesty that we made positive impacts on the lives of the people, as attested to by the greater majority and also the International Community. The World Bank and the World Health Organization as well as the UBEC,CBN and the Federal Ministry of Transportation recognized our contributions by giving our government awards on our performances on Local Empowerment Programmes, Agriculture, Roads, Transportation, Education, Health and the Environment among several others.

I am convinced that while reflecting on our performance in government, the good people of the state were also watching and monitoring the performance of the present administration. As a matter of fact, they have been able to see the difference and compare notes in relation to our performances. One fact remains incontrovertible, ours was a governance with a human face while the present is characterized by anti-people policies as evidenced in the wanton destruction of means of livelihood; imposition of higher taxes; capital flight and outright dismissal of public servants on flimsy excuses.

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